When You Know the True Power of These Sachets, You Will Regret Having Them Thrown Away

We all wondered about the usefulness of these small white sachets containing small transparent balls, which are often found in boxes of new items, such as shoes, clothing or even medicines. But what exactly are they used for? The inside of the sachet contains silica gel, a substance capable of adsorbing moisture and thus preserving the integrity of the product: the beads keep their moisture on their surface so that the packaging remains dry.

The usefulness of silica gel does not end when we remove the new object from the box, these sachets allow many other uses that few people know. And these are the ones!

Put them in the drawer with towels: this way you avoid unpleasant odors due to a closed moist environment.

Use them in your sports bag: silica gel also prevents the formation of mold in wet spaces. The advice is to put two sachets in your sports bag. This way, you can eliminate the bad odors due to the presence of molds!

The trick of immersing a phone fallen into the water in a jar containing salt or rice is very effective, but it is even more effective if you use the silica balls contained in the sachets.

Instead of spending endless minutes waiting for the steam to leave the windows of the car, put a little gel bag in the car!

Want to keep the pumpkins decorated for Halloween longer? Put it into the cavity.

To prevent the deterioration of old family photos, put them in a box where you keep your precious memories.

Do you want your razor blades to last longer? In a plastic container, put the razor blade and a bag of silica.