Why Do Leg Cramps Appear At Night And How Can They Be Prevented!?

Many people suffer from nighttime leg cramps which occur during night sleep. This condition affects many people that are often active throughout the day.

Leg cramps can happen in both man and women, and often they affect people at the age of 50. In most cases the cramps happen in the calf, but also it could appear in the thighs and feet. The main pain often lasts for few seconds but in worst case scenario it lasts for few minutes. Once the pain disappears the muscles will continue to be painful during the night and throughout the next day.

Don’t get confused the leg cramps at night with the restless leg syndrome. The restless leg syndrome could both occur during the night and that is the only thing that is common for both conditions. Here is a list of differences between these two conditions.

  1. RLS doesn’t trigger cramping or pains, while nighttime leg cramps do
  2. RLS is actually causing uncomfortable feeling in your legs
  3. RLS causes the desire to move the legs, whereas nighttime leg cramps prevents you from moving the leg

The main reasons for nighttime leg cramps happen as a result of:

  1. Sitting for longer period of time in inadequate position
  2. Leg muscle exhaustion
  3. Sitting in the same position for longer period of time
  4. Standing for long period of time or working on concrete floors

Also there are many medical conditions that could lead to leg cramps. Some of the medical conditions are:

  1. Dehydration
  2. Addiction to alcohol
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Endocrine disorders – diabetes
  5. Structural conditions
  6. Neuromuscular conditions
  7. Beta agonists, diuretic, statins
  8. Parkinson’s disease

In order to treat and prevent leg cramps that occur during the night you need to understand what triggers them and how to relieve it once it occurs. If you want to avoid leg cramps you need to consume lots of water during the day.

Some of the treatments that can help you prevent leg cramps are the following:

  1. Consume enough potassium or magnesium in order to increase the amount of these minerals in the body. These minerals are responsible for the occurrence of leg cramps
  2. Always wear comfortable shoes and avoid wearing high heels
  3. Use horse chestnut since it is great for improvement of blood circulation
  4. Always take a warm and relaxing bath before you rest
  5. Try to exercise in water in order to build leg muscles
  6. Try acupuncture in order to relax the muscles
  7. Stretch before you go to bed

Here is what you need to do once leg cramp appears

Many people are stunned once they get leg cramps at night. It is best to do the following in order to reduce the discomfort:

  1. Make sure that you sit on the floor and put the legs in front of you. Next you should flex the feet at the ankles by forcing them to point towards the knees. Pull the feet in order to get the better stretch.
  2. Do circular movements massage on the affected area
  3. Consume yellow mustard – 1 tablespoon
  4. Try to walk for certain period of time
  5. Always keep the sheets and blankets loose rather than tight