Lego Creates Anti-Lego Slippers to End 66 Years of Horrible Pain

You all know the favorite assembling toy that every child and as well as an adult enjoys, the Lego blocks. You must have them at home and when your child plays with them some of them must be scattered all around the room. The most dreadful part about these blocks is when you stumble on one that makes your feet hurt you like crazy. Well, the LEGO Company has come to an inventive solution, the creation of anti-LEGO slippers. Once you have them in your home, your child can play as much as he or she wants because when you stumble on one it will not harm your feet.

You can sign up for the wish list on the company’s website which will make you an eligible Lego slipper tester. LEGO offers an exclusive chance to try these slippers. They will be soon available on the market and every person can have them. The common questions of customers are the following ones:

Will LEGO kits come packed with a pair of these slippers? Or will we have to buy these separately?

We should just wait and see, but nonetheless this will be an incredible solution for our feet. The nightmare of the feet killing-pieces is over!