Let’s Quit Brainwashing Kids That It’s a College Degree or Nothing

Education is very important in life, but should we feel as failure if we have not gotten the designated degree?

This is so wrong as anyone can have various issues during students’ years and be prevented from acquiring a certain degree. People that are not that good at school or do not have a college degree are as valuable as educated people. If you are one of those people who do not have a degree know that you and your children are valuable and genius in your own way.

Teachers, parents, and the society may have during the school time implied that you are “stupid”, and that may have made you feeling down, but you should not have been as the degrees are not a measurement of someone’s intelligence.

It has been imposed on us that the academic achievement, impeccable grammar, or a Ph.D. is an indication of high intelligence, and that bad grades, not many degrees, or manual labor professions are “lower” intelligence. But, this is so untrue; there is more to defining a person’s intelligence.

In the states an academic achievement in an average American public school commonly recognizes three types of intelligence: ones who study pretty well, ones who memorize information from hearing or reading it, and ones who simply have the ability to conform to what various teachers like. It is a fact that the students who have high marks are very intelligent and follow an impressive work ethic, but this is only one type of intelligence and there are hundreds of them.

We Are All Geniuses!

Yes, it is true, even though at first glance being blinded by labels of ADD, hyperactive, “disabled,” or “bad at school,” we and most teachers and also parents do not look deeper and see the extraordinary untapped genius.

There has to be a new definition of how we define the idea of being smart, successful, or genius, and not only for us but for our children as well.

Genius is the person who works hard no matter of the profession.

Genius is the plumber who can install and repair a dozen different water fixtures.

Genius is the woodworker who can cut 90-degree angles and then successfully securing them together to build a fancy box.

Genius is the auto mechanic who knows how to fix a rotary engine.

Genius is the artist who can astonishes us with his produced picture.

Genius is the athlete who can hit a home run or run 5k track.

Genius is the daycare provider who takes care of our children offering them comfort and protection when needed.

Genius is the spirited child who can entertain a bunch of people.

Genius is the electrician, the repairman, the piano player, the painter, the dancer, the dog trainer, the stay-at-home parent…

We are all geniuses in our own way!

There are no “dumb” people, only people who have still not recognized their talent, and the surrounding and the society have not helped them in achieving that.

College Alternatives

Fortunately, today our children have many options where they can show their true talents.

  • Instead of degrees they can earn certificates and become excellent fitness, yoga, or coaching trainers.

  • At a technical school they can learn a trade such as auto mechanics or carpentry.

  • An apprenticeship is an option learning everything that is about the designated trade.

  • Art school could be one way of fulfilling their dreams and thus turn into musician, master painter, dancer, or designer.

  • They can start their own businesses and learn by themselves like many multimillionaires nowadays.

There are many alternatives to traditional education that can offer growth and success in person’s life.

This is a great way for the new parents to consider other options and if their child has bad grades not to consider it as something bad as there are other ways of them becoming successful. It is most important that they know that they can have other options that will fulfill their lives and make them happy.