A List of 40 Studies That Prove GMO Foods Destroy Our Health and Cause Cancer

GMO (genetically modified) food is everywhere around us, even if we somehowhave ignored its existence we need to stop doing that because there are numerous evidence showing us that it can be extremely harmful for our health.

It is a general knowledge that the consumption of GMO foods is not safe and extremely unhealthy. Nevertheless, the companies that produce GMO foods still maintain that there is nothing wrong with the consumption of these foods, and that they are safe for use. However, you always have to have in mind that these companies are always interested in their profit rather than for the health of the people.

Conducted Studies Reveal – GMO Is Bad for Your Health

GMO foods are not naturally produced foods which makes them unsafe for use. Numerous performed studies on this matter have already proved this knowledge.

The big food companies produce food which can last for long period of time thanks to the use of the engineered preservatives. In this way they are fortifying their lucrativebusinessand will do anything to cover the risks that some food can bring to you.Syngenta, Dow, and Monsanto companies have on their mind only the profit they make and for sure not your health. Therefore, they spend lot of time and money on showing how their products are safe. They even hire scientists to perform studies about the products they make. But, the results must be positive for their products. Further on, they make such expensive campaigns against the laws and projects that can reveal the real truth about their products.

The Study of Seralini

The team of Seralini performed a study on mice, which has become widely acknowledged. Namely, he and his team fed mice with GMO food, and the results were devastating, the mice developed tumors and eventually died. Great efforts and resources were used to discredit the results of this study, and naturally it was mostly criticized by the companies who produce GMO foods.

Additional Studies Prove the Negative Consequences

We specified the Seralini study as the well-known one, however there are numerous other studies that have come to the same conclusion, and that is that the use of GMOfoods negatively affects the overall human health. There is a strong connection between GMO foods and various health issues like genetic impairments, thyroid problems, kidney issues, liver damage, high cholesterol, and weight gain.

Here below, find the list of 40 studies that warn about the consumption of GMO foods and all the dangers you are exposed to when consuming this type of food.