List of 7 Very Dangerous Drugs That You Should Be Avoiding at Any Cost!

Most of us rely on the prescribed drugs for the treatment of certain health issues, and on the vaccines against certain diseases. However, some of these drugs can pose great threat for our health and well-being due to the fact that they contain many chemicals and substances that can harm our body in many different ways. So, instead of helping us, these medications can worsen our health and well-being.

Therefore, in this article we shall reveal the most dangerous used medications. You need to be aware of the fact that there are plenty of pharmacological medications out there, which have not been tested on people, but still released on the market. These medications can substantially harm our bodies while we are using them.

Follow reading, and find out which are the most dangerous medications that are used widely all around the world by many people. Check if you are on some of them.

List of the 7 Most Dangerous Medicines

Here below are the 7 most dangerous medications in the world, which can genuinely harm your body. A large part of these harmful medications is moved in antibodies and perceived medicines.

  1. Antibiotics – Nowadays they are so frequently prescribed even for the smallest infection, but they can destroy the good bacteria in your body and weaken your immune system.
  2. Antidepressant Medications – They can destroy the hormone of happiness, serotonin and thereby trigger higher depression and suicidal thoughts.
  3. Chemotherapy – It is standard treatment for various types of cancer, but its use will eventually destroy the immune system, and even cause the formation of new types of cancer in the body, specifically leukemia.
  4. 4. HPV Antibodies – The result of this vaccine may be shock or even coma.
  5. Flu Shot – It is considered to be prevention against flu, but it contains high doses of mercury and aluminum, which are bad for our health and additionally it can cause miscarriage.
  6. 6. A Vaccine Against Chicken Pox – Believe it or not, but this vaccine has actually caused cancer in many people who have gotten it, and it has crippled millions of children in India for life.
  7. A Vaccine against Mumps, Rubella, and Measles – It is extremely harmful vaccine for everybody especially for the children as it can cause serious disorders in the neurological system.