List of Carcinogenic Substances in Our Food and Drink

Huge numbers of substances that are one way or another integrated into our daily lives are carcinogenic. When we are exposed to a large number of various carcinogens the probability of formation of cancer cells increases. Check out which substances in the food and beverages are carcinogenic, for many of them probably you did not even know.

  1. Chlorine in drinking water.
  2. Insecticides (it is recommended to buy organic fruits and vegetables, at least when possible).
  3. Pesticides (due to pest management in fruit and vegetables, producers systemically use pesticides in large quantities).
  4. Cured meat (smoked foods often contain formaldehyde and creosote).
  5. Saccharin (artificial sweetener that stimulates the production of cancer cells).
  6. Bleaches which are located in the flour and bread.
  7. Saturated fats (found both in dairy products as well as meat, in puff pastries, cakes and all fried foods).
  8. Cyclamate (another artificial sweetener, which should be avoided).