Low-Energy Bulbs: Death Over Our Heads! More Than 200 People Are In Hospitals Worldwide!

Every person is trying to save money one way or the other. People think about saving money even when it comes to buying regular light bulbs or saving energy light bulbs. You might think there is not harm in doing so, but in fact there is especially when it comes to buying light bulbs. Fraunhofer Institute which is part of the Federal Environment Agency from Germany claims that low-energy light bulbs release 20 times more mercury in the air than it is allowed. Now let’s be honest, this is serious issue!

The issue becomes serious especially knowing the fact that these low-energy bulbs are actually responsible for development of anxiety, headaches, fatigue, loss of concentration, migraines etc. This is due to the heavy metal and neurotoxin called mercury which is the main compound of these light bulbs. These heavy metals can cause serious health problems to pregnant women and children. Also they can affect the brain, kidneys, reproductive system, immune system, cardiovascular system etc. All of these organs can be actually poisoned by this heavy metal. Latest research found that mercury can even cause development of Alzheimer’s.

If by any chance low-energy light bulb breaks into your house and the gas is released you should follow these emergency instructions:

  1. Immediately make sure that everyone leaves the room
  2. Open all windows and doors and ventilate for 15 minutes
  3. Immediately turn of the air-con system
  4. After 15-20 minutes begin to collect the broken pieces with wet paper towel. Place all the pieces in glass jar and close it tight. It is best to use adhesive tape for collecting the small pieces.

Do not use your vacuum cleaner because this way you will make things worse. By using vacuum you will spread the dust which is contaminated with mercury. It is important to repeat again that you should pick up the small pieces with adhesive tape and all pieces should be placed in glass container. Make sure that you seal the container!

It is very important that you follow these emergency instructions in case low-energy light bulb breaks in your house. In case you don’t follow it you might expose your family’s health at risk!


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