Make Your Own Wine Throne Out of Wood Pallets for the Ultimate Backyard Lounger

There is nothing like ending your day with a glass of wine and if it is spring or summer, staying in your garden or balcony enhances the whole relaxing atmosphere. Just like the indoors the outdoors needs to be nicely decorated so that we enjoy every spent minute outside. This does not mean that you will have to spend a huge amount of finances to have nicely decorated gardens or balconies; there is always the solution of DIY. There are plenty of materials that are almost free and that can be easily turned into nice pieces of furniture.

Pallets would be the perfect solution for you, they are easily available, very cheap, and sometimes you can find them for free. They can be easily converted in something nice and with their wooden texture they offer that warmth of coziness in your garden or terrace.

You can be creative and use them for making chairs, sofa, barbecue buddy, a planter, a garden bar, or any other idea that comes to your mind. Each created piece will be unique making your stay outside a pleasant one.

In this article we shall focus on your passion for wine drinking and show you how to construct your own wine throne. Check the photos of the following Adirondack chairs, and use the ideas for creating your own chairs.

Some of the chairs are painted and some left in the natural wood color of the pallets, but the best solution that they offer is the storage place for some extra bottles of wine and glasses. So, if you are with friends outside, no need to run to the kitchen for another bottle, when you have one near you.

The slots for the extra glasses is a great solution for having more friends, plus some of the slots are great for placing your glass of wine without the need of having a table. If you have a balcony and your space is limited, then this is the perfect solution for you.

Here are the essential tools needed for the creation of these chairs:

  • First of all you need to procure the pallets. Either paid or free of charge.
  • The essential tools: wood cutter, screws, screwdriver, sanding sheets drill, hammer, and nails.
  • Cut the pallets according to your creation and then assemble them so that they fit.

There is also an option to add shelves where the wine can be kept or something else of your own choice. You can create whatever it suits your needs and although you should put an effort to create such chair, believe us, it will be worthwhile. Your outdoor place will be so charming and you will enjoy it very much.

There is nothing like having a sip of a glass of wine on your self-created wine throne offering the feeling of a Romanian emperor or empress.