Making Love More Often Will Protect You from These 17 Diseases

According to a study conducted by the Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, making love 2-3 times a week is good for the health.

Indeed, we propose to discover what regular intimate activity can bring to your overall health:

1. It makes you happier

According to a survey by the University of Warwick in England people that are making love much more regularly are actually much happier in their lives.

2. This will minimize the effects of sickle cell disease

Sickle cell disease is a hereditary form of a disease in which a mutated form of hemoglobin distorts the red blood cells into a crescent shape at low oxygen levels. Regular sexual activity can speed up the heart rate and therefore better the blood circulation that will bring more oxygen.

3. It can prevent you from having a cavity

Actually, sexual activity greatly increases the production of saliva in the mouth which would reduce the acidity that is responsible for the development of cavities.

4. To relieve back pain

Indeed, stimulation of the vagina has analgesic effects which consequently could counteract many pains including those caused by arthritis and back pain.

5. Prevents some mental illnesses

Actually, having regular intercourse can regulate the hormone production and therefore reduce the risk of suffering from mental illness.

6. Keeps the skin young

Really, intercourse produces hormones called estrogens that will promote the regeneration of skin tissue.

7. Protects from becoming a flu victim

Regular sexual intercourses will help you produce more antibodies which will fight against bacteria and viruses, including flu.

8. Mitigates stress

Making love will allow you to be much more fulfilled in your life and it also promotes evacuation of toxins accumulated during stressful situations.

9. Improves cardiovascular health

Having regular sexual activities can reduce the risk of stroke or a heart attack by 50%.

10. For problematic skin

Making love will free the testosterone which greatly promotes healthy skin and eliminates some imperfections.

11. Prevent breast cancer

According to a study by Australian researchers, breast stimulation releases oxytocin which also helps protect against the development of breast cancer.

12. To have a good sleep

You have probably already noticed that after intercourse usually you fall asleep much easily.

13. To be more optimistic

Indeed, having regular sexual activity will make you more optimistic in life and all that thanks to the pleasure you receive.

14. To stay young longer

Indeed, according to a study by a Scottish psychologist those who have more than 3 sexual intercourses a week seemed to be much younger than they really were.

15. To relieve headache

Making love will release oxytocin, a hormone that will significantly decrease pain.

16. Better physical shape

Indeed, sexual activity will enhance the functions of your cardiac system and therefore keep you in shape much longer. Remember that it can also help you burn a lot of calories.

17. Protects from prostate cancer

According to many researchers, sexual activity more than 5 times per week can greatly reduce the likelihood of being a victim of prostate cancer.