Man Arrested for Possession of Magic Mushrooms has Happiest Mugshot of All Time

People can make us laugh even when they are in the most compromising situations in life. No one would have the most hilarious laugh prior being arrested, but if you are on some substance nothing would matter if you are being sent to prison.

The person who had the largest smile in the world before being detained was the 41-year old David Kalb. The Pennsylvanian police found him loitering outside a neighbor’s apartment in Greensburg after losing his keys.

The police took him with them in the police car and drove him to his home, but when they entered his house they could not believe what they have found, weed, 70 mushrooms and mason jars containing active ingredients to manufacture psychedelic mushrooms. So, he was taken to the Westmoreland County Jail and as offender he took his mugshot. But, he did not act as any other offender would do, he offered to the officer the happiest mugshot of all time as if he won the lottery.

He was smiling from ear to ear although he was about to face a jail-time sentence. His preliminary hearing will be held on December the 15th, with a current bail of $10,000 being set.

It was not determined whether he was on some of the substances that he had in his home stashed when the hilarious mugshot was taken.