Man Builds a Cute Mini Picnic Table Where Squirrels in His Yard Can Hang Out and Eat

Nature is really amazing and the animal world is one of a kind fascinating us every day. We all love when we see a squirrel near our home and that offers us great pleasure.

Rick Kalinowski from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania is one of the people that enjoys watching squirrels, and since he owns a house in his yard there are always plenty of squirrels. Commonly these adorable animals eat their food from the ground and they do not mind that, but Kalinowski wanted to do something more for them. Namely, he created a special spot with a mini picnic table where they can feast on their fruits and nuts.

Kalinowski, a 43-year-old self-employed plumber, built this lovely spot by himself. He had the time and the material, wood lying around in his yard and thus started working on his new project. The mini picnic table for squirrels resembles the ones that we use with one long table in the middle and two benches on the side.

He left a tasty spread of nuts on the tabletop, and this was an invitation for the squirrels to visit his creation. It allowed them to come in groups and enjoy the beautiful site. He was very much interested of who will be his first guest, and not long after, a chubby squirrel arrived and plopped on one of the tiny benches. The table with nuts was a real treat for this squirrel and it enjoyed every minute on the table.

The good word was spread really fast, and now the squirrels visit the table twice a day. Rick believes that this is their favorite spot and reported to Dodo: “I really believe they love it.”

He buys them food and sets it on the table so that they would come, he told the Daily Mail:

“I buy a variety of nuts and seeds for the squirrels along with fresh-cut fruit; it brings me happiness especially during these uncertain times.”

The squirrels have their treat every day and they surely love it having a full stomach, but for Rick watching them it offers even greater enjoyment. Namely, he even has an immediate view of the tiny picnic table as he positioned it right outside the window where he has his morning coffee. So, while enjoying his coffee or breakfast he can watch the squirrels enjoying their own breakfast.

Rick said:

“I wake up at sunrise and have done for years, just to feed the squirrels and fill the bird feeders. I make my coffee, put on the morning news and watch everyone eat.”

These animals have offered Rick great pleasure in his life just by observing them and because of that he wanted to do something for them, and there is nothing better like a small picnic table for them. Just the fact that they enjoy his creation and the food he serves is enough for him. He said:

“I appreciate them and they appreciate me.”

Since we are living in a digital time Rick posted a few pictures of the squirrels using the picnic table on a Facebook group, and the photos went viral. This gave him the idea of starting a small business out of it by selling the mini tables on Etsy. The interested customers who would like to enjoy having squirrels near their house can order an assembled piece, a pattern, or a picnic table kit from his online shop.