Man Builds Wife’s Chickens a Mini “Coop Town” and It’s the Cutest Thing Ever

Gifts are always welcomed and enjoyed by everyone, but sometimes there are gifts that can swept us over our feet. This husband has done something amazing and unusual for his wife, namely he built a full-fledged tiny chicken coop town with hotels, cafes, and even with a jailhouse.

This DIY project looks amazing and has been catching the attention of many people as it is unusual, but at the same time very cute.

This splendid gift was the best one that this wife ever received. She was keeping a flock of chickens, and always wanted a nice coop for them. So, when she saw what her husband did for her she was overwhelmed with joy and could not help sharing the magnificent photos of her medieval-era mini coop on Facebook. The photos that Colleen Thermos took in April became immediately viral as many people enjoyed this type of art.

Her husband did a really good job when constructing the coop and thought everything through in the tiniest details. The whole structure is one of a kind, including a “saloon” for the residents with white curtains at the windows, and with a lamp hanging outside if the business runs late at night. The price list stands out with its prices in egg currency. For instance, 1 hour stay is charged with 1 egg, 1 whole day equals 6 eggs, and for a whole week the charge is 12 eggs, amazing, isn’t it?

Here are all the facilities that this mini coop offers:

The Saloon

There is a watering station built out of wooden tank with a pipe running onto a bowl, named as the Rooster’s Ridge.

The Rooster’s Ridge

The next one is the Livery Stables having a carving of a haystack in front. Then comes the blacksmith’s corner equipped with workbenches and shiny metal-working accessories.

The Livery Stables

The Blacksmith

If you thought that is all, well, there is more, continue to scroll.

The next facility is the bed-and-breakfast hotel with café, and mercantile. It is one-story structure having six apartments, painted in bright green, yellow, and blue.

The Plaza Complex

Like every community there has to be a jail for the misbehaved, and here is one in the middle of town, with a “wanted” sign and with a painted chicken behind bars.

The Jail

Now, you are convinced why this gift meant a lot to Colleen and why many people checked it on net.

If this construction has inspired you to built one for yourself, then you should follow some of the tips. First of all, you should choose a place which is warm during winter, dry during rain, and safe for your hens to lay eggs. The coops need to be well-ventilated and built on dry ground with good drainage. It should have plenty of sunlight, but covered with shade.

Be creative, and construct something that will be unique!