This Man Cured 5000 People from Cancer: THIS is the Recipe that Kills All Types of Cancer in 90 Days !!

A debate on the medical use of marijuana led Rick Simpson in Belgrade to confirm that the use of cannabis has helped him to treat about 5.000 people with various forms of cancer and tumors.

Simpson believed that cannabis was used for centuries by the natives, and that may be effective in the treatment of various ailments such as diabetes, epilepsy, arteriosclerosis, multiple sclerosis and cancer.

Rick Simpson showed a living example of the healing power of cannabis because he had cured himself, 12 years ago, from a very serious case of skin cancer, although he is not a doctor.

Rick Simpson had skin lesions on his face surgically operated by doctors in 2002, but without success. The doctors said there was nothing they could do.

The lesions reappeared and Rick, who had an interest in the life of plants, was determined to find a solution to his problem. One day, while watching his scars in the mirror, he recalled a study he had heard about the effects of THC on cancer, which prompted him to apply some cannabis oil on the scars.

In just four days, the scars were gone and his skin was clear and smooth again. Excited, he informed those who wanted to know how he healed his scars, but no one was interested in his “theory”. Rick said people laughed at him and did not believe him.

Yet Rick has decided not to be ridiculed and tried to use the new knowledge to help people with cancer.

An interesting case is one of an 80 year old man who was bedridden and suffering from lung cancer. His doctor gave him only 48 hours to live before his son took him to Rick.

By the time the man was having difficulty breathing, he had injuries on his leg because of diabetes and was swelled from chemotherapy.

Rick suggested treatment with cannabis oil and his son recommended the father’s doctor, but he refused the implement this type of therapy.

The patient’s son then decided to take matters into his own hands and began to give cannabis oil to his father. Surprisingly in 30 minutes the breathing of his father improved and he could breathe normally.

The son then took his father of the hospital and stopped giving him the prescribed medication, but instead continued the treatment with cannabis oil.

After six weeks of therapy, the old man stopped taking insulin injections because there was no need of them, and at the end of the third month, his lung cancer was completely gone.

Rick Simpson spent four days in jail before being accused of possessing, cultivating and selling marijuana in 2005 and he escaped punishment, imprisonment of 12 years with a fine of 2,000 dollars.