A Man Overcame His Diabetes Without Medicine, Here’s What He Consumed

One young man had to consume different types of oil in order to overcome his diagnosed high blood pressure and diabetes. Doctors found this condition of his health four years ago

He was decisive in his intention to treat the disease only with natural remedies and began to consume vegetables and fruits. The results at the end prove to be successful in his treatment.

This young man at first started feeling thirsty most of the time which made him going to the doctor. His diabetes was found accidently due to his unusual behavior of his body. He was already in dangerous shock when he went to the doctor.

The level of sugar in his body that the doctor measured was 29 and it concluded that his pancreas is out of function. The doctor advised him that he need to start taking insulin on regular basis if he wants to remain alive.

He started his therapy by taking insulin every day but he noticed that new health issues have begun to arise. This was a result of all medications he was taking which resulted with increase of his triglyceride levels and his blood pressure 150/110.

Right after the New Year’s Eve he felt that this was too much for him and needs to start solving his health problems. Eventually while preparing plans how to overcome his problems, he was watching a show called “The Edge of Science” in which guest speaker was Dr. John Zirdum who explained how he was consuming only raw vegetables for twelve years.

Inspired by Dr. Zirdum he decided to try this approach and immediately bought blender in order to prepare his raw vegetables. The first week of this approach was though but he overcome all temptations and the results were awesome. His blood sugar level dropped to 5.

The results were awesome for him because he already tried many medications expecting the same results. As a result of that he stopped using insulin believing that this new diet cannot increase the sugar levels. In case his sugar level increase he was ready to go back to the insulin therapy. Instead, his results remained the same and he started losing weight.

The first 25 days resulted with losing 25 lb.

After consuming this diet for four months his health improved a lot, he lost 50lbs. and his blood pressure returned to normal. Also his triglyceride levels have dropped to 1.4. He completely stop using any medications and was happy about that.

This is the magical recipe for the juice that will help you be healthy again:


  1. 2 kiwis
  2. 5 bananas
  3. 2 apples
  4. 1 handful kale

Instructions for preparation:

Place all ingredients in a big bowl and add 2 cups of water. Mix it all together and enjoy this juice throughout the entire day.

Here are some additional tips:

When using this healthy diet you should always consume fresh fruits, fruit, salads and tuna. This way you will increase the amount of vitamin B12 which is extremely important for your body. On the other hand, once you eat constantly fruits and vegetables you will not feel hunger. This diet is magical and extremely beneficial for your blood and brain because it will provide all nutrients needed for your body.