Man Uses Quarantine Time Creatively and Builds a Tiny Restaurant for Animals in His Yard

Due to the coronavirus we must stay in quarantine so that we prevent the further spreading of this novel virus. Although many of us feel bored during this period still we must admit that it in a way awakened the creativity in us.

Free time at home was an illusion for most of us, and now when we have it we can do something with it. There must have been something that you have wanted to finish in your backyard or in the house; well this is the perfect opportunity for you.
James Vreeland used his free time to create something that he always wanted. He lives in Detroit, but he has always fed the local wildlife. He did something amazing, namely he build a tiny restaurant for the birds and squirrels that live around his home.

He called it Maison du Noix, or “The Nut House” where local birds and squirrels can enjoy a seed.

A tiny restaurant for birds and squirrels – “The Nut House”

The pictures of his adorable restaurant were posted on Instagram with the caption:

 “Figured now was as good a time as any to get into the restaurant game.”

The whole setting is simply magnificent, the open-air concept, and the brilliant design of communal picnic-style wooden tables placed on a natural grass bed. Plus, the squirrels can enjoy the restaurant as humans, leaving their jackets on a coat rack with wire hangers.

There is even a menu with all the available meals. The entrance of the restaurant has a small stall and a rich menu saying that “the squirrels and blue jays have been loving it.”

Vreeland explains his idea:

“The name and theme just kind of showed up after we noticed how fancy everyone looked at their tables, and us pining over not being able to sit out on a patio for food ourselves.

More than a few know that it’s time to come running when my wife heads outside with peanuts. So while the setting is new, most of the ‘patrons’ are pretty familiar to us.”

He continues:

 “We’ve been offering an opening course of a seed medley, followed by peanuts on the full shell, house-cut breadsticks, and a dessert of counter-softened apples.”

The cute luncheonette is equipped with little benches, a fence, and has a proper entrance

Here it is what the animals can find on the menu of “The Nut House”:

The local birds and squirrels can opt for raw peanuts, mixed seed trio, stale bread/pizza crust, and counter- softened apples.

Vreeland says that all his neighbors like the restaurant and “people are stopping all the time to take a photo or watch the frenzy.” So, his small restaurant is a huge success, for the local wildlife as well as for the humans.

James has come up with another excellent idea making Facebook Live videos, and in that way anyone can check up what the lovely guests are doing in his restaurant.

Lovely, isn’t it?

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