Man Who Grew Up Without a Father Makes Videos to Teach Children Basic Household Skills and More

In Eastern cultures there is a blessing when a child is born: May this child grows up with a mother and father!

Growing up with both parents offers you the perfect childhood, but sometimes that is not possible. Children that have grown up without a father in their household greatly affected their development in life.

The fatherless childhood leaves huge psychological effects on children that even permanently change their brain structure. The children coming from single-parent households encounter more difficulties in life when compared to children that have both parents. Unfortunately, there are many fatherless children in the states as per the data of the U.S. Census Bureau, namely more than one in four children in America grow up without a biological, step, or adoptive father in their home.

Harsh Childhood without a Father

Growing up without a father greatly affects the childhood in a negative sense. These kids are more prone to depression, aggressiveness, low self-esteem, drug abuse, poor performance in schools, law issues, and committing suicide. According to the statistics, a large percent of these children will experience these negative effects as a result of fatherless childhood. Almost 70% of these children will probably be high school dropouts, and when girls are concerned, they are twice more vulnerable to obesity, and four times more likely to get pregnant as teenagers.

Coping In a Fatherless Household

The statistics should not define you if you live in a fatherless household. There are many ways to cope with this issue, and one of them is freely expressing your feelings rather than acting out on them. It is important to acknowledge your anger and your feelings as keeping it inside is a bad idea. Putting up a front to the world will only make you bitterer. Having a safe relationship where you can express your deepest emotions and needs that have not been fulfilled in childhood is a good way to cope with your situation. If, currently you do not have such relationship, then there are plenty of support groups and counseling that can help you or your child. Children like to look up at someone, and finding a good role model or mentor in the community which displays ambition and moral ethics will be of great help for the psychological well-being of the child.

Many people have become good persons with good choices even if they had fatherless childhood. One of them is Rob Kenney, who is now a father himself, but since he was well aware of the hardships a child experiences in such household, he wanted to share his story and help these children.

The Fatherless Childhood of Rob Kenney

Rob Kenney grew up in a multi-children household, with eight siblings. His parents divorced when he was 12 years old, and the custody of him fell to his father. His mother could not cope with the current situation and became an alcoholic. Although the custody of him and his other siblings was brought upon his father, Rob said that his father “didn’t really want us,” claiming that he was “done by that time.” Eventually, his father abandoned him and Rob started living with his 23-year-old brother and his wife. Their life was not easy considering the fact that they shared a small mobile house, and in these conditions Rob made a promise to himself that when he becomes a father his children will never experience this kind of life.

Rob survived all the hardships that life imposed on him, and he has become a father of two, Kristine and Kyle. His children are now grown up; his daughter Kristine is 27, highly educated lady with children and his son Kyle works as a software engineer.

After Rob’s children have turned to be self-aware adults he wanted to do something good for the rest of the children living without a father. So, Rob created a YouTube account with the help of his daughter and started making How-To videos.

Dadvices” – “Dad, How Do I?”

“Dadvices” are in fact videos released on YouTube on how to do everyday things and thus help the children who are growing up without a father.

This YouTuber’s dad walked out on his family when he was 12 years old. Now that he’s a father of his own two adult…

Posted by Chris Hart on Tuesday, May 19, 2020

This project of Rob became a huge hit and a great help for many dysfunctional families or families with absent parents. Currently, the YouTube channel of Rob “Dad, How Do I?” is followed by over 1.77 million subscribers. His videos are checked by around 100 thousand to 1.3 million viewers, and the video that became viral is the one named “THANK YOU” in which he expresses appreciation to all the people who have shared his story.

In the beginning, the goal for this channel was to help people with everyday tasks and at the same time “pass along some of the wisdom I’ve learned along the way to encourage people.” He could not believe how deeply he reached so many people, and to many of them he became the wanted father figure. In his videos he explains how to tie a tie, shave, iron a shirt, and check the oil in the car, change tires, and many other tips that your father is supposed to teach you.

The support and responses to his videos were immense coming from people who grew up without fathers and from people whose relationships with their existing ones are not on a solid ground. Many tears have been shed online showing us how important is to have a good father in your life just like Rob. However, if life has not offered you one, there is also the possibility of having a father figure that will do the job good and make you a better person.

There are some dad jokes thrown in his videos, which make these videos heartwarming and charming just like listening to your own dad or the one that you have always imagined to have.