I Managed to Grow Blueberries in My Garden With This Ultra Easy Method!! Even if You Don’t Have the Experience… You Will Get There For Sure!

The blueberries are pretty flowers that can be found in many gardens. However did you know that this plant can be very beneficial to the memory? In this article we propose you to discover how you can grow blueberries in your home…

Researchers at the Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center have discovered that wild blueberries contain antioxidants that are very beneficial to our body.

Blueberries: a powerful health ally

According to a research conducted in 2012 consuming a small portion of blueberries weekly would protect against cognitive decline. Moreover, according to research carried out in 2013 the Blueberries can protect some parts of the brain which would allow the evacuation of toxic proteins contained in the body.

We suggest you discover how you can grow blueberries in your own garden:

1. It will be important to choose a good place to plant your blueberries. Ideally, they should be placed in a sunny place.

It will then be necessary to prepare the soil and plant the seeds fairly spaced apart in a pot. It is very important to water your plant because it needs to be constantly exposed to moisture to be able to grow better yield.

2. Ideally, the blueberries should be plated about 2 feet apart. Arrange them so that they cannot touch each other when they grow.

3. The best season to plant blueberries will be spring and autumn. It will be important to add one inch of planting soil in addition to the top layer of soil. Make sure the ground is hard around the root.

4. The mulching stage is essential. It is important to add 2 to 4 inches of crown like wooden sink or duvet mulch so that it preserves the blueberries from the weeds as well as to preserve moisture.

5. It is also important to cut your bush very regularly so that it can grow strong and produce fruit. Remember to cut the discolored and short branches from time to time as well as remove the dead woods and crescent from the bottom of the blueberry bush.

6. The stage of fertilization is very important. Organic fertilizers should be used. Cotton seeds or flour will be ideal. Manure may damage your shrub, which is why it should not be used.