How Many Cloves of Garlic You Should Eat to Regulate the Blood Pressure?

Garlic is becoming more and more popular in recent years due to its medicinal benefits. Many different research studies suggest that garlic is great for treatment of different conditions and diseases, but also they have found that garlic is great for reducing high blood pressure.

Garlic is also great for reducing bad cholesterol, treatment of cardiovascular disease, and helps cure different types of tumors.

This natural remedy is packed with healthy nutrients, but the main compound found in it is allicin. Also it contains specific smell that makes it unique. On the other hand people use it for reducing fat that is accumulated on the walls of the arteries, and the allicin blocks the activity of the angiotensin which prevents contractions in the blood veins. This leads to reduced blood pressure, and due to its properties it is considered as one of the greatest natural remedy that can help you overcome problems with your heart and blood vessels.

Garlic should be consumed fresh rather than cooked on high temperature. This is due to the fact that during the process of cooking it could lose the nutrients and allicin. You may also use garlic based additives such as garlic powder, garlic tablets, and garlic extracts.

Read more about how much garlic you should consume:

If you are having high blood pressure or you want to prevent high blood pressure you should consume 1gr of garlic per day. In case you are taking some medications for hypertension you should consult your doctor before you consume garlic in order to determine the correct dosage per day. You may also use garlic in order to treat hypertension, but you should know that you couldn’t regulate it completely.

Doctors and specialists recommend consuming 30 cloves of garlic per day in order to treat hypertension. On the other hand if you don’t mind the bad smell you should consume it on daily basis, but make sure that you consume it fresh and natural. In case you can’t stand the bad smell you will need to try some alternatives such as garlic based pills and tablets.

Make sure that you are consulting with your doctor before you decide to consume garlic for treatment of high blood pressure.