How Many Steps a Day Can Help You Lose Weight

Weight issues are everyone’s concern; there isn’t a person that does not want to shed few pounds for more ideal weight. For that reason, there are many diets and regimes which promise quick loss of weight; however this is not always true. Fortunately for you in this article we will show you a way how to lose pounds not even being aware of it.

It does not cost a thing; all you have to do is to start walking more than usual. You must wonder: well, how many steps do I need per day in order to lose those unwanted pounds?

This actually depends on two factors:

The first one is: walking area

The second one is: body weight

Here is the more precise information:

  • For one hour walking you will burn 400 calories. You need to walk with an average speed of 4 miles per hour.
  • More specifically, in order to burn 100 calories you ought to make 2,000 steps which is about 1 mile of walking.
  • For losing 1 pound of weight, you need to burn 3,500 calories.

Optimal loss weight would be 1 pound a week, in this way you will avoid the yo-yo effect, and moreover this is the healthiest way. It means that you have to burn 500 calories in a day, or in millage, you need to walk 5 miles a day.

For this routine you do not need any specific facility or gadgets, it is really the simplest way, just you need to change few habits.

Extra Advices on How to Walk More

  • Instead of taking the car, walk your children to their school.
  • Walk to your home or workplace
  • Avoid the elevator, just climb the stairs
  • You can also park the car a little bit further from your original destination so that you can walk
  • When you are going to the station do not take a taxi or a bus, just walk.

Frequency of Walking Time

In the beginning we advise to walk 15 to 20 minutes so that you can adjust to this new routine. In the fourth day, start increasing the time and in time you should walk 30 or even 60 minutes a day. This is the most efficient and safe way for losing weight which is also proven by scientists.

Eventually, you will not consider walking as an exercise, but as an everyday routine which will help you in the weight loss process. You will start to lose pounds not even being aware of it.

Therefore, incorporate this routine in your daily life, and you will see very soon how the numbers on the scale will change, going down.