Massage Your Feet Every Night and You’ll Be Surprised How it Will Change Your Life!!

Massage is often synonymous with well-being. It is true that we all love massage, but in this article we suggest you to discover how you can massage your feet each night before sleeping for total relaxation.

The goal of the massage is to maintain good general health but also to promote the proper functioning of the vital organs. In addition, Chinese reflexology uses massage techniques of the soles of the feet, which even the scientific studies praise it.

Why massaging the feet is an excellent therapy for the body?

Reflexology is a technique that calls for massages of the soles of the feet which therefore stimulates and balances the meridians that correspond to precise organs.

Foot reflexology can be used for both physical and physiological pathologies. It is a natural technique that will allow you to relax while having therapeutic benefits. However this technique can not treat serious diseases such as cancer however it is an excellent complementary therapy.

Here are all the benefits of massaging the soles of the feet:

– Increases blood circulation
– Excellent for the skin
– Reduces the effect of edema (during pregnancy)
– Good for Restless Legs Syndrome
– Maintains proper functioning of the body
– Treats many diseases
–  Eliminates lactic acid
– Facilitates digestion
– Improves stretching of muscles
– Improves basal metabolism
– Stimulates the secretion of sweat
– Mobilizes and burns unnecessary fat
– Improves blood flow
– Accelerates the flow of blood into the tissues
– Relieves the pain and stiffness caused by access to physical exercises
– Prevents and cures many symptoms such as headaches, stress, asthma, constipation, sinusitis and migraine.

Do not hesitate to massage your feet with a little essential oil to soften your skin.

This illustration shows how certain points on the feet are connected to various body organs.

Foot Massage Points
The video bellow shows some basic foot massage techniques that will get you started.