Having Mice In Your House Is Definitely The Worst Thing Ever! Give This Five Homemade Solutions A Try And Get Rid Of Them Once And For All!

Mice are not the most preferable animals especially if you have them in your house, moreover many people are afraid of them.

Nonetheless, no matter whether you are afraid of them or not, they can be a real hassle as no one likes them in their homes, and not to mention the fact that they can easily spread various diseases.

Therefore, it is a must to quickly and efficiently eliminate them from the house in order to prevent such unpleasant and dangerous situations.

There are many solutions on the market but most of them are expensive and excessively packed with chemicals, and for that reason in this article we shall present you five natural methods which can efficiently remove mice from your house.

5 Homemade Solutions against Mice

First Method
Perhaps the most natural and efficient way of eliminating mice is the presence of a cat. This animal has the ability to locate them fast and thus catching them successfully. Cats are animals with nocturnal habits which is highly helpful for solving this disturbing problem.

Second Method
Another successful method is the use of chocolate powder which can be used in a combination of flour, Paris plaster, cocoa and water. They will be tempted to try this mixture and after plenty of dry elements the plaster will get harden and the mice will die.

Third Method
Fizzy drinks are a great solution against mice because they have gas thus becoming extremely dangerous and lethal for them as they cannot burp. What you need to do is to pour soda in bowls and then place them in areas where these rodents usually come. They will not resist these sugary drinks and after couple of days they will be dead due to its consumption. In that way you will manage to eliminate mice from your home.

Fourth Method
As mentioned before in the chocolate powder solution you can use the plaster of Paris. In this case you will need to mix some flour and a particle of Paris flour in a bowl. Then, include 1 tablespoon of salt and mix the solution. Next, place the bowls of this mixture in areas where mice usually go, but next to them you need to put a bowl of water. This mixture will attract the mice and once they have eaten it they will drink water which will harden the mixture and kill these creatures.

Fifth Method
By using this method you will not kill the mice, but it will keep them away. This method involves the use of cayenne pepper, and for that purpose you need to place some of it in a dish or just sprinkle it in the corners. Likewise, you can place the cloves in the cupboards so that they do not come near them.