“Milk Does the Body Good” Is the Biggest Lie Ever and How Big Government Helps Big Dairy Sell Milk

In the past decades the consumption of milk was so much advertised making us believe that milk is the only source of calcium.

This is so untrue as calcium is very much present in other products too, like in the green vegetables. Nevertheless, the milk campaign put so much pressure on the parents that the milk is the ultimate product for their children, but in fact it can do more harm than good.

These campaigns made us think that drinking milk will build healthy bones as a result of the calcium content, but this is only a myth.

The body can get its need for calcium by many other foods which are abundant with calcium, not only through dairy sources.

For instance, green vegetables like kale, cabbage, and broccoli are packed with calcium as much as milk. However, this fact is not that much advertised as the consumption of milk which is funded by the big milk industry. Moreover, the production of these vegetables is cheaper than the milk production, but that won’t bring profit to the milk companies.

On the other hand, dairy cows are pumped with hormones and chemicals which go directly in the milk we drink. There is also the presence of pus and blood which are bleached instead of being removed. In fact, in each gallon of milk there is an allowed amount of pus, and the industry is well aware of this fact, but nevertheless they are selling this product even though it is contaminated.

On top of this are the studies which confirmed that drinking milk does not give you healthy bones, but it might even damage them.

According to a conducted study by the Swedish University Uppsala persons who drank more milk had an elevated mortality rate and a greater tendency for bone breakages.

Check the video below and see how milk is cunningly advertised to the wider population.