Millennials Are Bringing Back the Milkmen

Those that have been born before the millennium remember how milk was delivered in front of our doors in glass bottles. In those days plastic was not used and the local dairies and creameries delivered the milk in nice glass bottles.

Yet, this delivery stopped in time as it became cheaper and easier to buy milk from the nearby store, and there was no more milkmen to bring the milk in front of our doors.

People have become more and more aware of the overuse of plastic that pollutes our planet, especially the ones that have been born after the millennium. These new generations known as the Millennials are turning to more sustainable ways of living trying all their best to eliminate the use of plastic from their daily lives. One of the ways to limit the use of plastic and lower the waste build –up is milk delivery.

Glass milk bottles can be reused up to 25 times before they are recycled into new bottles. There is no dispute that everything tastes better in a cold glass bottle. Therefore, the milkmen are making their way back in the United Kingdom.

According to Milk&More and Parker Dairies of London UK, there is a dramatic increase in the demand of glass bottles. In the last two years the increase went up to 25% for milk deliveries. The statistics showed that doorstep deliveries make up 3 percent of all milk sales in the UK and in quantities of milk that is 1 million pints per day, not bad, isn’t it?

Depot manager, Paul Lough of Parker Dairies reports that in less than a year, he gained 382 new customers wanting milk glass deliveries. He adds: “People are much more environmentally conscious and so they are asking if we do glass.”

Paul applauds the idea of the new generation to return to the glass bottle thus lowering the pile-up of waste, and aside the milk deliveries, he started to offer other services. Namely, he enriched his product list and started offering local honey and sourdough bread.

His counterpart, the company Milk&More, also reported an increase in their customers with high interest in delivery of the glass milk bottles. This company obtained more over 2,500 customers in just one month, and 90% of them are ordering the glass milk bottles.

Here it is what Patrick Müller, managing director of Milk&More, states about this new trend: “The glass bottle is an exciting product… We think that it has a future. It’s no longer just a thing of the past. We believe the tradition of the milkman has some fantastic elements that are relevant now. They are a reliable presence for pre-breakfast delivery, they offer an exciting product range including locally sourced produce, and can be a part of the community.”

Mr. Müller confirms that the greatest demand comes from the younger generation, the one that is in their thirties and who have formed their own families. These young families with a double income appreciate the value of glass bottle and naturally the delivery to their doorstep.

Here it is what Patrick says:

“It’s popular with families, so people that care about the local community and local produce. They want the story behind their produce but they don’t have the time to get it.

We talked with customers and they said they enjoy the experience of the glass bottle – the childhood memories – and they want to reduce their plastic wastage.”

There is nothing better when youngsters realize the importance of saving our planet. We should congratulate the Millennials for bringing back our milkmen.