Mix Sea Salt and Olive Oil to Get an Explosive Solution for Relieving Any Kind of Pain!

The practice of massage has become impossible to circumvent to alleviate the various pains. However, before starting a massage the use of olive oil as well as salt will allow you to soothe the pain as well as relax you.

Indeed, this combination will help to relieve various body pains. You can even apply this mixture if you are a victim of osteochondrosis.

Olive oil and salt: an ideal combination to relieve pain

Now you will not need to go to the pharmacy to buy painkillers. Indeed, natural remedies like the mixture of olive oil and salt will allow you to relieve pain naturally thanks to their analgesic virtues. Moreover, olive oil being rich oleocanthal will have an anti-inflammatory effect on your body in the same way as if you would have used a medication like ibuprofen.

How to make the olive oil and salt remedy?

To make the pain killing remedy you will need the following ingredients:

10 spoons of sea salt
20 spoons of vegetable oil, either sunflower oil or olive oil

Start by mixing the olive oil with the salt. Keep your mixture for a few days in an isolated place.

You will only need to use this oil to massage the painful areas. You can use it daily and 3 to 4 minutes of massaging will be sufficient. Massage vigorously in places where the pain is more intense. After a few days you can increase the massage time up to 20 minutes.

Do not forget to wipe with a towel the place where you massaged with olive oil.