Mom Applies This Remedy to Her Baby, Shortly After He Dies. Be Careful With This, Moms!

We all use home remedies for certain health issues, and most of the times they are extremely helpful and efficient. However, we need to be very careful when these remedies are used to our children, especially the ones under three years old. This mum from Mexico shared her tragic story with the rest of the world so that such mistakes never happen to anyone.

Namely, when she came back from work her 2 years old son was having a fever which was resulted from a simple cold. The mother used a home remedy to relieve the fever and to help him breathe without any obstructions. She rubbed Vick VapoRub on his chest, back, and under his nose, tucked him up and laid down beside him. Since she came from work, she was very tired and fell asleep besides him. When she woke up she was horrified to find out that her son wasn’t breathing. She took him immediately to the nearest hospital to try to save him, but her efforts were hopeless as her child has passed way hours before.

The official medical report stated that the child passed away as a result of the inflammation in the respiratory track, caused by the camphor added in the well-known ointment.

However, there was a label on the ointment saying that it is not recommended for children under the age of 3. The unfortunate Mexican mother did not notice this and applied it on her child. She only wished to alleviate her baby’s breathing as it is very efficient when adults are concerned, but in the case of the baby it had an n opposite effect. The lotion actually increased the mucus by 60%. The mucus built up on the trachea and blocked the breathing which caused the death of her child.

Therefore, be very careful when you use home remedies, do not forget to read the labels and warnings on them as sometimes the lives of your loved ones depends from it. Whenever you want to use any homemade remedy consult your doctor first just to be on the safe side. Homemade remedies are used all around, and in most cases they are very helpful, but always have in mind this story and check every warning or label on it, and do not take it lightly.