Mom Comes Up with a Brilliant Way to Give Confidence to Kids with Hearing Aids

Having a child with some disability can be really hard no matter if it is minor or big. Sarah Ivermee’ son Freddie was born prematurely in 2011. Freddie caught a Congenital CMV, a virus that left him deaf in one ear and then moderately to severely deaf in the other ear. Hence, the doctors needed to give him a hearing aid when he was just two months old so that he can hear his mother.

After 3 years, Sarah living in UK got the funding for a cochlear implant for Freddie’s deaf ear. Freddie could finally hear as a normal person, but the other children did not like it and made fun of him.

Freddie’s mom realized that this could be an issue for her son since the other children did not like it at all. She found out that the children who wear it consider themselves ugly, and as any loving mother she tried to find out a solution. She did a research on how to make some positive changes to the way how the hearing aid looks, but on the market there was no such hearing aid. Nonetheless, she was determined to find a way how her son will wear it proudly. So, she called her friend who had a 9-year-old daughter that also did not like the device. But, this time Sarah put some decorations on the hearing aid and showed to the little girl who now found it looking lovely.

The trick was to have a fancy design thus making it more appealing for the children which turned out to be very true.

Custom-made kits for decorating implants

Since the idea was a great hit Sarah decided to help every child with hearing loss and thus bring back their self-confidence. Therefore, in 2014, she founded Lugs, a company that makes custom-made kits that can be used to decorate hearing devices and cochlear implants. She made all these decorating kits right in her living room. She used plenty of superheroes, cartoon characters, flowers, and butterflies stickers which children love a lot. Her designs were so popular that children that needed a hearing aid loved it a lot and wore it proudly all over the world.

Nowadays, Sarah posts on her website the stickers she uses. She shares the sent photos sent by the parents on social media. The parents choose the kid’s device and that helps Sarah to make the stickers with the right size. She likes to do special requests since she knows how hard it can be to fight with a disability every day.

She can even make Halloween kits and as well as other festive stickers making the day special for these children.

Her company has only one employee and that is Sarah, but her business is very successful and growing every day. The customers are highly pleased with this solution and reported that their children loved them and they as parents relieved their stress as no parent wants to see his child struggling to hear a word.

Every day we are taught and our children as well how to tolerate differences and disabilities, but the people who live with this disability fight every single day to get accepted. They cannot accept their image when looking in the mirror and Sarah’s idea was a major turn point in their lives.