Morgan Freeman Has Converted His 124 Acre Ranch into a Giant Sanctuary to Help Save the Bee Population

We love watching Hollywood actors on screen, their various roles and ways of entertainment they offer to us. Morgan Freeman is one of them who amaze us with his work, but as well as with his involvement in the community.

He decided to do something for the bee population knowing the great importance of their survival for the environment. The situation with the bees is really alarming being at the verge of extinction, and we need them for the pollination so that we can enjoy the fruits of various plants.

The bee populations have been reducing steadily all over the planet, but in USA there was a significant drop of 44% in bee populations in the period from 2015 to 2016.

As per the data of NRDC (National Resources Defense Council), bees are at risk of mass disappearance “Colony Collapse Disorder” and “the number of hives in the United States is now at its lowest point in the past 50 years”. Researchers are trying to find out the main reason for the collapsing of the colonies and it has been established that the environmental damage has a huge negative effect on their ecosystem.

Bees are a vital part in Nature and their disappearance will make a great disturbance in the ecosystems. Their disappearance will affect the food supply and many produce that we took for granted will disappear or become enormously expensive like the oranges, apples, blueberries, broccoli, onions, avocados, almonds and many more.

For the 80% pollination of our crops only 2% of bees is needed, and if there are none 80% of the crops will be gone.

Not only the crops will be gone but as well as other living organisms like mice, birds, squirrels, and as well as various flowers, and weeds. Therefore, people have started to object on the massive destruction of bees and have signed petition to stop the use of pesticides that kill bees, and to make conservation efforts for their survival.

Fortunately, celebrities like Morgan Freeman has realized the importance of keeping bees and he has acted by turning his 124-acre ranch in Mississippi into a sanctuary for wild bees with bee-friendly plants like lavender, clover, fruit and magnolia trees.

In 2014 interview with Jimmy Fallon Morgan stated that he has a new hobby, beekeeping. He said that he started two weeks before, and developed great skills that he did not need to wear a protective beekeeper’s suit or veil. He imported 26 hives full of bees from Arkansas and started feeding them with sugar water. The idea for keeping bees was the current bad situation of this population which we have never before fully appreciated, but we are very dependant from its existence. Freeman is aware of the importance of bees for our planet, and he believes that they are the foundation of the growth on the Earth. He is regularly feeding them and during that process he is not wearing a beekeeping hat and up to now they have not stung him.

On his land he takes care of plenty of flowers and for that purpose he has a gardener who takes care of the acres of magnolia trees, clover, lavender, and many more.

Although this is only one step in protecting the bees, and there is no data if this would be of significant help for the bee populations in North America, it is still a great incentive that will make other people to consider this type of conservation. Every step counts when our environment is concerned, and if Freeman has incited other people to follow his example, then he has really done something for the hard-working bees.