Mosquitoes and Cockroaches will Fall Dead Immediately with This Simple Homemade Recipe!!!

Winter is most favorite season for many people only due to the fact there are no mosquitoes and cockroaches present. It is known that mosquitos and cockroaches disappear when the temperature is below zero.

In fact, once the summer comes people start spending large amounts of money for products which supposed to help them to get rid of these insects.

The presence of these bugs near your food is extremely dangerous and can cause serious health problems including serious infections and diseases. Also having them around your home can make you feel uncomfortable in the only place you are supposed to be comfortable.

There are many commercial products which are ineffective against mosquitos and cockroaches, and as a result of that we are going to present to your natural homemade recipe which is not that expensive. Here is what you will need:


  1. Vegetable oil – ½ a cup
  2. Shampoo – ½ a cup
  3. Vinegar – ½ cup


You will need a spray bottle where you will mix all ingredients. Afterwards, spray around your home and your garden on daily basis in order to have the best results as quick as possible. This mixture will help you get rid of the mosquitos and cockroaches forever!