This Mother from the Philippines is Diagnosed with Cancer After Eating a Lot of This Food

You need to take good care of your health as it can become extremely fragile if you neglect it thereby triggering many health issues and even cancer. If you do not treat your body in the right way like consuming unhealthy foods then you will bring your health at great danger.

In this article we shall present you the story of a young mother who was diagnosed by a 4.66 x 4.5 brain tumor known as Glioblastoma Multiform. She is from the Philippines and her story became viral as her sister Jenna Brotiral shared it on her Facebook account asking for a financial support for her treatment because she is a mother of twins. This is what it says on her Facebook account: “We don’t have any idea how my sister acquired the tumor because this kind of diseases is not on our genes.”

At first, her sister experienced a simple headache and a blurry vision, but then she started having memory gap. They rushed to the nearest hospital and the doctors carried out a CT scan test and then they found out the existence of her tumor, but also added that she has low chances of survival. Unfortunately, she was already diagnosed with Stage 4 Brain Cancer.

Both of them were extremely bewildered by this diagnosis as they could not believe from where she could have got this deadly disease.

Jenna Brotiral was trying to find out the reasons for her sister’s illness considering her diet which was consisted of processed foods like tocino, longanisa, hotdog, pancit canton or instant noodles, and as well as sugary foods and drinks like candies, soft drinks, and chocolates. She came to the conclusion if you consume these foods on daily basis you can incite this disease. Therefore, she warns people on Facebook regarding the use of these foods and advises them to completely eliminate them from their diet.

Nutrition takes crucial role in the overall health and well-being. Foods that you find extremely attractive and appealing for consumption are in most cases the ones that are bad for your health. Experts always warn about foods that are bad for you, but somehow people tend to overlook these things and continue with the same bad nutrition habits unfortunately until they are affected by some type of disease.

The above mentioned foods contain additives and chemicals which are highly harmful that can lead to cancer. This is a clear warning for all the people not to consume these foods and be aware of the possible consequences.

Read the original post of Jenna Brotonel on her Facebook account:

We don’t know how my sister acquired the tumor because this kind of disease is not on our genes. A potential cause of this is the kinds of food that she takes. Please avoid eating processed food (e.g. hotdogs, longanisa, tocino, pancit canton or instant noodles) and even sugary foods such as soft drinks, candies, chocolates (except the dark ones).

It started with a simple headache and a blurry vision. Then later on, my mom told me that she is gradually having memory gap. Then they brought her in the hospital. She undergone CT Scan Test and discovered that she has Glioblastoma Multiform 4.66 x 4.5 in size. Some even concluded that it is already a Stage 4 Brain Cancer and the chances of survival are low. After the surgery, she will undergo biopsy for us to know if there will be a need for chemotherapy which everyone knows is expensive. Even though we are hearing several negative options about her condition, we are doing everything that we can for her to live. We can’t afford to lose her. Her twins can’t lose her. We can’t imagine our angels being motherless. Please help us. Please be a part of her being a survivor if this merciless disease.”