Move Over Kale, Jalapenos Are the Health Food You Never Knew About

The food we eat determines our health and if we consume healthy ingredients, then our health will be in good shape as well.

Jalapenos are the food you need for good health provided that you can handle the taste. Nonetheless, it is considered to be a real super food due to the content of an active ingredient known as capsaicin. You must have heard about capsaicin before as it is highly present in green peepers too. This ingredient offers the body a wide range of health benefits.

Aside the content of capsaicin a raw jalapeno contains plenty of valuable components like potassium, beta-carotene, vitamins A, C, B, and K, and folate. Plus, it has no fat and contains just 4 calories, 1 gram carbs, 1 gram of protein, and 0.4 gram of fiber.

9 Health Virtues of Jalapenos

1. Soothe pain

The capsaicin has the ability to block the pain receptors in the body. But, a direct application of jalapenos on the skin is not advised. Sprays would be a better alternative for pain relief in cases of arthritis, shingles, diabetic nerve pain, and migraines.

2. Beneficial for the heart

According to scientific studies the intake of grams of capsaicin prior high-carb meals can reduce blood sugar levels, and this is very important as diabetes is one of the main factors for heart disease.

3. Battle infections

According to laboratory studies capsaicin may have the ability to slow down the growth of yeasts and food-borne bacteria. Moreover, it is believed that it can battle against some infections like strep throat, Chlamydia, and tooth decay.

4. Prevention of stomach ulcers

According to recently performed research spicy foods are not the cause of peptic ulcers, in fact, the ability of capsaicin to fight inflammation in the body can prevent stomach ulcers. Some studies reveal that this ingredient can destroy some of the H. Pylori bacteria in the stomach. Prior using any of these foods in case of stomach ulcer, make certain to consult your doctor.

5. Treatment of nasal congestion

Capsaicin produces heat that in turn clears the sinuses, and cleanses the airways, thereby treating sinus infections.

6. Reduce high blood pressure

Jalapenos and other chili peppers are rich in flavonoids, Vitamin C and Vitamin A, and all of them help in the reduction of blood pressure.

7. Fight cancer 

As per performed studies capsaicin has the ability to battle against 40 types of cancer cells leaving the healthy ones intact. In addition to this, it may have the ability to prevent the growth and division of cancer cells.

8. Beneficial during pregnancy

Jalapenos are packed with folate or folic acid, and that makes them the ideal food while pregnancy. The folate helps in neural tube formation and red blood cell formation in prenatal babies. In a cup of jalapenos there is 11% of the daily recommended value of folate.

9. Weight loss

The capsaicin stimulates weight loss, and activates the brown fat tissue thereby triggering the fat burning process. Plus, it can enhance the work of the metabolism by 4 to 5% on daily basis, and it can suppress the appetite.

Although these peepers are very beneficial for your health you should not eat them alone but accompany them with some other food like in salsa or dips. You can as well as put a few slices of jalapenos on top of your foods, pickle them, or infuse a few jalapenos in oil with chilis. Fresh jalapenos go perfectly with eggs, mashed avocado, sauces, and meatloaf.

You can start with a little bit of jalapenos, and in time, you will build more tolerance to the spice, and thus enjoy all its amazing benefits.


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