Nail Abnormalities: 4 Health Warnings Your Fingernails May Be Sending

It is very important to pay attention to the signals that your body sends. Nails are indeed a part of the body to which we must be careful. It is not rare to find that something is wrong with the nails and in fact it turned out that is a reflection of a disease.

Do you take the time to observe your nails? If the nails have a transparent color and there is no scratch then this is quite normal, you are in a good shape. However, if you experience a different color or texture, this commonly means an anomaly somewhere else in the body.

We invite you to discover what are the anomalies of the nails which reflect the presence of a disease:

1. Yellow nails

Indeed, if you note that your nails are yellow; this is usually a reflection of a fungal infection.

2. Dry and brittle nails

If you notice presence of cracks on your nails or they are dried, it probably means that you lack vitamins in your body. It is possible that in the most severe cases this reflects hypothyroidism.

3. Black spots

It is important to pay attention if you ever notice the presence of a dark spot on your nail. This may mean that you are a victim of melanoma.

4. Nail deformation

Generally, this means that the blood is poorly supplied with oxygen. This can mean a presence of heart disease, inflammatory disease or lung disease.