Natural and Efficient 2-Ingredient Remedy to Help You Treat Sinusitis!

Sinusitis is a medical condition which often occurs in wintertime when flu and cold appear. It is usually manifested by irritated and swollen sinuses, due to allergies or viral, fungal and bacterial infections. This condition is accompanied with the following symptoms: congestion, thick nasal mucus, plugged nose, cough, headaches, facial pain, and fatigue. It is frequently treated by the use of antibiotics which it will treat it, but there will always be side effects. Therefore, many people go for the natural way of treating sinusitis which is the right choice. We will present you a natural remedy consisted of two ingredients which is so efficient that it will solve this issue in no time. Here below, find the way how to prepare it.

Sinusitis Remedy

Required ingredients:

  • 1 cup Apple cider vinegar (ACV)
  • 1 medium size Ginger root

Method of preparation:
First you need to grate the ginger, and then combine it with the ACV. Use a glass bowl for this mixture and after you have finished with mixing close it with a lid. Now, leave the mixture for 10 days at a room temperature and from time to time shake it.

There are couple of steps for this treatment.

Step 1 – inhale the mixture by lowering your head with a towel over the bowl.

Step 2 – soak a handkerchief in the mix and apply it onto your neck, and leave it to stay during the night.

Repeat this treatment for 5 days and gradually the sinuses inflammation will be reduced. Likewise, your pain will be relieved due to the sharp smell of ginger.

Additional Remedy: Ginger

This amazing root can be solely used for dealing with sinusitis. What you need to do is to boil about 2 ounces of the root in a pot of water. Then, remove it from the heat and lower your head covered with towel over the pot and breathe in the vapors. It is very reliable remedy for treating this condition and alleviating the bothersome accompanied signs.

Both treatments are efficient and much better option than the pain relievers and antibiotics.


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