Natural Remedy to Eliminate Uric Acid Crystallization in Joints (Gout and Joint Pain)

A great number of people around the world suffer from severe joint problems. These can be triggered by the accumulation of uric acid, which crystallizes in the joints. The result is an overwhelming pain that does not allow people to move normally.

However, these types of conditions can be easily treated with natural ingredients, such as cucumber.

When our body has high temperatures, it usually accumulates uric acid, which is not good for health. However, cucumber juice can help you counteract this by lowering the body temperature. Thanks to its alkaline properties, it eliminates uric acid from the joints. With this, you will be able to get rid of the unbearable pain that overwhelms you.

If you feel a little pain when you drink this juice, it is a sign that it is working. At that time it is eliminating the harmful toxins and crystals from your joints. This juice is extremely simple to prepare and consists of 3 main ingredients. The combination of these helps you fight inflammation like never before.


– 1 cucumber (medium size).
– 1 inch of ginger root or 2 tablespoons of ginger powder
– 2 celery sticks
– 1 lemon

Preparation and use:

Wash all the ingredients very well. Next, peel the cucumber and the ginger (if it is root). Then chop them into small slices and put them in a blender. Subsequently, chop the lemon in half and extract all its juice. Now put it in the blender, with the other ingredients and liquefy. If necessary, add a trickle of water. You must consume this powerful anti-inflammatory juice every day until you feel better.

You don’t have to suffer because of joint pain. Prepare this fabulous mixture today and eliminate the pain quickly and without much effort.


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