This is What Your Navel Shape Tells About Your Health and Body – A Must Read

The occurrence of some illnesses can be detected even before they are fully developed if you know how to recognize the signals. However, not every person is capable of doing so, but there is a way how to learn that. Namely, the shape of your belly button can tell you about the potential health issues.

According to a newly conducted study the shape of your belly button can reveal to you to which diseases you are more prone to. Therefore, continue reading and find out what your belly button is saying to you.

  1. Bulged navel (U-shaped)

If your belly button is with a bulged navel, then you are most likely sensitive to skin and kidney diseases, and also birth defects.

  1. Small bump shape

Persons with this type of belly button are more prone to flu and colds. Therefore, in order to enhance your immune system you should incorporate healthy foods and drinks into your daily diet.

  1. Tucked navel

Tucked navel usually associates to gastrointestinal diseases. People with this type of belly button are usually obese and susceptible to depression and tension.

  1. Almond shaped belly button

This belly button shape usually refers to strong headaches and brittle bones. Likewise, if you have this shape you may be experiencing pains in the muscles and the bones.

Monitor your belly and if you notice some changes in the shape or size of your belly button, then you should consult your doctor so that you can prevent any further health issues.