She Nearly Escaped Death in a Beauty Salon… Today She Warns Us About the Danger! VIDEO

We love to go to our favorite beauty salon for hair pampering. Yet unwittingly, we expose ourselves to a real danger. It is true that this is not the first thing that comes to our mind when we go to a hair salon, we think of relaxing, chat with the hairdresser but we are far from imagining that it could cost us life.

Elizabeth Smith used to go to her hairdresser in San Francisco and like us, she did not think it could affect her health and yet she nearly lost her life.

What happened to Elizabeth?

The young woman had an appointment at the hairdresser, as usual. Then the hairdresser reached the shampoo step. This is where the customer has to lean back on the washing basin.

Indeed, having the neck pressed against the sink adding to that the movements made by washing, this can cause compression of the cervical arteries or even burst blood vessels of the neck. The blood cannot flow as normal, the brain is not stocked and therefore this causes a stroke.

A week after her haircut, Elizabeth felt numbness on the left side. After the appearance of nausea and the rise in temperature, Elizabeth didn’t think twice before going to the ER.

It was at this moment that she learned that one of her arteries was damaged and she suffered a stroke. Many hairdressers and doctors were already aware of this danger yet nothing has changed and no one is accused of various risks.

What you can do is to go to hair salons that have comfortable seating, you can also prop your neck with towel.

Elizabeth stepped forward and started speaking in order to warn all women so they can avoid such incidents close to death.

See below the video of Elizabeth: