This Is What You Need to Check Whenever You Buy Bottled Water!

Every time you buy a bottle of water from your local store or supermarket you should check the bottom of the bottle as for sure you never do this. However, you have to avoid this in near future as checking the bottom of the bottle may save your health from unwanted damage.

Companies that offer products packed in a plastic bottle are obliged to label them accordingly meaning to label the content of their product. If you check some of the bottles you have at home you will notice that they have letters like PP, HDPE, or HDP written on their labels. The bottles that have these labels are believed to be safe since the plastic does not release toxins in the water. You will also notice other letters; they are put there for the chemicals added to the product.

Continue reading and find out good tips how to pick the right water.

Here is what you need to search on the bottle of your water:


These letters mean safe bottle. Do not hesitate when buying this water as it is the healthiest product. These types of bottles with HDPE or HDP marks do not release toxins and chemicals.


This marking stands for plastic that does not have or release any chemicals; however it should not be used for production of plastic bottles. This plastic is used for the production of plastic bags.

PVC or 3V

When you see these letters do not buy the product. They are markings for two toxic substances that affect the hormonal balance in your body. So, it is a big NO.


These two markings release heavy metals and chemicals that impact the production of hormones in the body.


These two letters are symbol for semi-transparent or white plastic often included in the plastic for yoghurt cups and syrup packages.


PS letters mean that the plastic releases carcinogens in the content. You can notice this marking on coffee cups and fast food casings.

Non-labeled plastic or PC

Non-labeled plastic or PC is the most dangerous plastic. It releases BPA, but it is still used by some producers in food containers production and sports water bottles.

Never forget to check the bottom of your bottle as this may save your life!