This is Why You Need to Put Essential Oils on Your Feet Every Night Before Bed

Essential oils are extremely beneficial for the health and due to these reasons almost everyone have them at home. These essential oils contain intense relaxing and calming properties which are great for the body.

Besides the fact they can be used for aromatherapy, they also contain and offer other benefits.

Reflexologists have found that if essential oils are applied on the feet before going to bed they can improve the sleeping of people. The soles of the feet are consistent of 5 layers and no hair follicles which makes it excellent absorber. This way the nutrients and the essential oil is easier and faster absorbed in the bloodstream.

According to different studies, when the essential oil is applied on the foot immediately it is absorbed in the blood stream and traces can be found within 20 minutes.

The palms and soles are the only body parts that don’t have sebaceous glands. The sebum is produces from these glands, and for those that don’t know that is an oily substance which protects and weakens the skin allowing it to absorb nutrients.

Since the soles and palms don’t have these glands they absorb the essential oil really easy and fast.

Also the feet contain 72.000 nerve endings which is the highest number compared to any other body part. These were the main reasons why in East Asian medicine they treated different health conditions and diseases through stimulating certain foot points.

According to their traditional medicine these nerve endings are all connected to different parts of the body and organs. The paths that connect these nerve endings with different body parts are known as meridians. This traditional healing medicine is known as reflexology.

According to reflexology the essential oil should be applied on the feet because this way it can reach all organs in the body, thus help with the process of healing.

Essential oils that are too concentrated should be diluted in order to avoid swelling or irritations. On the other hand, the skin of the feet is not as sensitive as other body parts, so feel free to apply your most favorite essential oil on the feet.

Using essential oils topically will allow it to reach all organs instead going through the digestive system and the liver.

Feel free to consult a naturopath about the most beneficial essential oil. This way you can choose the one that suits your health issue and increase the health benefits to maximum. You will be amazed by this method. Enjoy!