This is Why Having a Needle in Your Pocket At All Times Is a Good Idea! It Can Save Your Life!

Perhaps this would never occur to you but having a needle always with you can be really handy, in fact life-saving. You may think how is this possible?

Having a stroke can lead to major health consequences, even death. While the stroke is happening, the blood vessels in the brain tear apart, and the cerebrum does not receive any oxygen. In this situation, the cerebrum cells are about to get destroyed, and for that reason medical attention is of highest necessity.

So, where the use of needle comes handy in this situation?

First of all, if you are witnessing a stroke of some person by all means you need to stay calm and immediately call the meds. In the meantime do not move the person, and here comes the use of the medical needle. Take it out, but make sure to be disinfected and clean. Next, try puncturing each finger very quickly, precisely the tip of it near to the nails.From these spots there should be blood spilling, however if this is not the case press the fingers till it comes out. In this way the consciousness is being regained. Now, you need to wait for the ambulance.

When a person is having a stroke the mouth could be jagged, and in this case you need to perform a massage on the ears. This will boost the blood flow. After that, take the needle and puncture the very soft and tender part of the earlobe; do it two times so that you get two drops of blood. You will notice how the mouth becomes normal again. Like in the previous case, wait for the ambulance.

These two methods can save someone’s life, therefore learn them and always have a needle in your pocket!