Never Ignore These Warning Signs of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Due to vitamin B12 deficiency,hypocobalaminemia occurs which is a result of reduced levels of vitamin B12 in the blood. There are many symptoms and signs of this vitamin shortage, and a large number of them are associated with the psychological and emotional health.

We shall specify only the most typical causes of the appearance of this condition like the use of certain medications, malnutrition, genetics, poor absorption from the stomach or intestines, intestinal parasites, chronic inflammation of the stomach, and so on.

This vitamin is crucial pillar for the healthy function of the brain, healthy immune system, proper production of DNA, nerve and blood cells.

Vitamin B12 is contained in animal products, like dairy, meat, eggs, and shellfish.

Vitamin B-12 deficiency has to be treated as it can provoke severe blood diseases and neurological issues. Here below, are the most common 5 warning signs related to vitamin B-12 shortage.

  1. Dizziness

Lack of B12 may cause vertigo and dizziness. Likewise, it can incite wobbling condition which occurs when getting up quickly from a sitting position, and when you go downstairs or upstairs.

  1. Forgetfulness

Shortage of vitamin B12 may also cause forgetfulness. You will often start to forget thins, and this may lead to you to the belief that you suffer from early dementia. However, this is common symptom of lack of vitamin B12. Enhance your memory by taking supplements and increase B12 intake.

  1. Experiencing Unexplained Fatigue

So, if you feel tired and exhausted even though you have had a good night sleep, and experience the feeling of not having enough energy, then this means that your body lacks vitamin B12. You feel like this because there isn’t enough blood cell production, being one of the most crucial functions of B12. Therefore, the oxygen transport to the organs is hindered thereby leading to fatigue.

  1. Muscle Weakness

Muscles become sluggish and weak because they do not receive the sufficient oxygen amounts from the red blood cells.

  1. Pins and Needles

Occurrence of pins and needles throughout the body is a result of vitamin B12 shortage. Namely, as mentioned before the vitamin affects the red blood cells production thereby regulating oxygen level. Furthermore, electric shock waves sensation and numbness may be caused by the nerve damage.

How to supply our body with this vitamin?

The best way our body to receive this crucial vitamin is through consumption of more dairy, poultry, eggs, and animal protein sources. Likewise, you can take supplements with B12. We highly recommend you the intake of its form known as methylcobalamin, since it offers better absorption within the body.