Never Suffer Because of Your Shoes Ever Again! These 10 Simple Tricks Will Change Your Life

Today with all the information that is available to us through the Internet we can find anything that we need in regards to every topic that interests us. The Internet is actually strong technological tool which provides millions of information on every topic, and due to these reasons we are going to present to you some solutions to everyday problems that will make your life easier and comfortable.

These tricks will help you solve any problems with the shoes and feet. All of them actually range from fixing stinky shoes to stretching them in case they are too tight. You can perform these tricks without actually worrying about ruining the shoes.

  1. Smelly shoes

In case your shoes smell bad you will need to put a damp clean in them

  1. Tight shoes

If you are having problem with tight and hurting shoes you will need to apply heat on them with the hair dryer. This way you will manage to stretch them as much as you want without actually damaging them.

  1. Slippery floors

If you are having slippery floor in your home you will need to scrape it with sandpaper or pumice stone. This way you will manage to lower the friction and prevent slipping.

  1. Shiny shoes

If you want to make your shoes shine again you will need to clean them glass cleaning solution

  1. Fit shoes

You will need to spray your shoes with hair spray in order to prevent your feet from slipping inside.

  1. Hurt toes

Having shoes that are hurting your toes require applying adhesive tape on the toes. This way you will prevent the pain

  1. White shoes

You should use acetone in order to clean your white shoes and make them pearly white again

  1. Wet shoes

If your shoes remain wet after walking around you will need to put a paper inside in order to dry them faster.

  1. Cold weather

You will need to add thin layer of wool inside the shoes in winter. This way you will keep the feet warm

  1. Running with no pockets

If you are going for your regular running but you are not having pockets on your shorts you will need to clamp the shoes to the shoelaces. Make sure that you tie them well in order not to lose them.

  1. Smelly shoes

You should put some baking soda in your shoes after running in order to prevent them from smelling bad

  1. Stretching the shoes

You can stretch the shoes by putting two bags of water in them. Leave the shoes in the freezer overnight and in the morning they will be stretched

  1. A travelling companion

You can avoid breaking your favorite sunglasses when traveling by putting them in the tennis shoes

  1. Blisters

If your shoes are causing blisters you will need to soak the feet in black tea in order to prevent infections.

We truly hope that these tricks will make your life easier!