New Breakthrough: Semen May Actually Cure Depression in Women

The University of Albany has conducted a study led by psychology professor Gordon Gallup who found that women that don’t use condoms have fewer signs of depression. This study actually found that the semen that is absorbed through the vagina can have great effect on the women’s moods.

On the other hand, this study relieve on the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), which is a survey that has been widely used in order to measure the differences in symptoms of depression.

During this study there have been more than 300 different women that have filled the anonymous questionnaires which were addressing various aspects of the sexual behavior. Also it included questions in regards to the sexual activity, and when they have had sex last time, including whether it was with condom or not.

Gallup noted:

“…females who engaged in sexual intercourse but never used condoms exhibited significantly lower scores on the BDI than those who usually or always used condoms.”

Even though 300 women is relatively small sample size, the researchers have decided to control the variables such as frequency of the sexual intercourse and other types of contraceptives. Also it measured whether or not the females were in relationship or not.

They have found that the use of condom actually leads to swing of the mood and leads to depressive symptoms, compared to any other variables.

This research could use other questioners in order to answer other questions in regards to this connection, but they hope that this link of condom usage and high frequency of depressive symptoms is correct.

Gallup also stated that these findings doesn’t mean that female students shouldn’t be responsible

“Regardless of the findings, this study does not advocate that people abstain from using condoms,” “Protecting oneself from an unwanted pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease is far more important.”

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