New Research: Semen May Actually Cure Depression in Women

Scientists from the University of Albany have found new strategy for treatment of depression, Sexual intimacy.

This study was led by Professor Gordon Gallup, psychologist. He found that females that have sex without condom have less signs of depression compared to those who used condom. This leads to speculations that absorption of semen through the vagina may affect the mood of women.

The study rely its findings based on a survey known as Beck Depression Inventory (BDI). This survey was used to measure the differences in individuals in regards to symptoms of depression.

There were 300 different women that took part in this survey by filling out questioners anonymously. The questions focused on different aspects of their sexual behavior such as the frequency of having sexual intercourse, the use of condom during intercourse, and when did they had last time sex.

Professor Gallup noted that the results show “females who engaged in sexual intercourse but never used condoms exhibited significantly lower scores on the BDI than those who usually or always used condoms.”

Even though the sample of 300 women might be very small the team of professors who conducted the study tried to control all variables such as the frequency of sexual intercourse, the use of the birth control pills, and the relationship status. Still, the researchers found that females that used condom during their intercourse resulted with symptoms of depression.

There are still many questions that need to be answered, but the initial findings showed there is a link between the use of condom and depression symptoms in sexually active female students.

However, Gallup warned that people should still remain responsible in regards to these findings.

“Regardless of the findings, this study does not advocate that people abstain from using condoms,” said Professor Gallup. “Protecting oneself from an unwanted pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease is far more important.”