There is a New Sexually Transmitted Infection That’s Spreading Around Like Crazy! Hundreds of Thousands of People Are Infected!

The symptoms of this new sexually transmitted infection are hard to notice at first because it attacks with Mycoplasma.

The main symptoms of this sexually transmitted infection are pain in the testicles, discharge from the penis, bleeding from the vagina, pain around the genital area, and pain during sexual intercourse.

The main consequences of this infection could be fatal.

Doctors actually claim that there are approximately one percent of the world’s populations infected with this bacterium. In regards to women, the main symptoms are manifested through infertility, irregular vaginal bleeding, ectopic pregnancy, and agonizing sex. Whereas the consequences in men in regards to this infection are milder.

Mycoplasma is actually occurring as an infection that you can get through sexually intercourse, and so far there is not enough information in regards to this disease. This infection is caused by microorganisms that have characteristics of bacteria and they reside in the reproductive system and the urethra. The mycoplasma term is actually used to identify a group of bacteria which is consistent of more than 70 different species. One of bacterium from this group actually resides in the body and causes the infection.

According to a research study conducted in 2007 found that this infection is triggered by the bacteria Mycoplasma genitalium. This infection actually exceeded the number of cases of gonorrhea, and it is the third most commonly sexually transferred condition among young people.

This research actually included adolescents from all over America, and the results showed that there are 4.2 percent were actually infected with chlamydia, 2.3 percent with Trichomonas, 1 percent with Mycoplasma, and 0.4 percent with gonorrhea.

The same results were also found in a research that was conducted in the UK. Scientist found that young age people are at greater risk to get infected compared to older people.

In fact you could protect yourself from this infection by simply practicing safe sex. One condom could provide the maximum protection you need in regards to STDs, and you could also use it for anal sex.