New Study Claims Taking a Hot Bath is the Equivalent Calorie-Wise of a 30-Min Walk

We are living in a time when the weight is really an issue for many people and because of that we work out, follow certain diets so that we can reduce the pounds. But, did you know that having a hot bath equals in calories burning with a 30-minute walk.

According to recent research hot soaks contribute to more calories burning than doing a cardio. In order to obtain more detailed data a group of researchers at Loughborough University have determined the impact of hot water. The involved participants took a hot bath lasting for 1 hour at 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and after that they had an obligation to ride a bicycle for the same amount of time.

When you compare these activities it would be normal to believe that riding the bicycle for 1 hour will burn more calories, but to everyone’s biggest surprise the burning of the calories was the same.

It has been revealed that passive heating is very beneficial for the overall health. As per the findings of 2015 study, released in the JAMA Internal Medicine, spending time in saunas helps in preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

Several Benefits of Having Hot Soaks

1. Sinusitis

Colds and allergies are really annoying especially their symptoms. Therefore, in such cases a hot soak would be of great help as it is proven to have the ability to alleviate symptoms of colds and allergies. The hot steam will loosen up the mucus, and the bath salts will contribute to the overall body benefits.

2. Improved breathing

If you suffer from a clogged nose, then a hot bath will unclog it. Plus, it will better the function of your lungs. The hot water will add pressure to the chest thus forcing the body to get more oxygen. For best effects, soak your chest in deep hot water.

3. Boosted circulation

Hot baths will improve body’s circulation, but if there isn’t enough time during the day a cup of hot tea will do the job. For additional health benefits consume herbal teas. Ginger tea is an excellent choice and it offers great benefits when it is consumed in combination with honey and lemon juice.

4. Sore muscles

Hot soaks help with sore muscles and for the ones who recover from injuries. The impact of the high temperatures will lower the tension and stimulate the blood flow thus reducing lactic acid buildups. As per Medical News Today, hot baths are very healing for patients with chronic joint pain.

5. Better sleep

If you have problem with your good night sleep, then you should add some lavender essential oil into your hot bath. After this bath you will for sure sleep like a baby. You have noticed that you can easily fall asleep after good swimming workout. The effect is the same with the hot soaks as there is also a change of body temperatures as per the experts at Natural Sleep Medicine.

We have given you enough reasons to introduce hot baths once and awhile. For an even better effect you can add essential oils, herbs or relaxing salts, in fact whatever it suits you.