New Study: Women Live Longer if They Live Surrounded by Nature

We all search for the elixir of long lifespan and it seems that it has been found and that is spending plenty of time in Nature. Mother Nature can offer us relaxation and effective stress relief according to recently performed studies.

These studies showed that women who live in nature live longer and one of them is the conducted study at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. This comprehensive study analyzed 108, 630 women for a period of time of 8 years, and during this time, 8, 604 women passed away. In the study the scientists determining the date rate took factors such as age, smoking, race, and socio-economic status.

The environment was the main factor for long lifespan, namely the analyses revealed that a lower mortality rate was in women who lived in the greenest surroundings, 12%, which was not the case with the women who lived in areas with less vegetation. Specifically, these ladies who were surrounded with vegetation had a 34% lower rate of deaths caused by respiratory issues, and 13% lower rate of deaths by cancer.

The researchers explain that this low death rate is related to living in nature. Namely, in nature women are less susceptible to depression and negative feelings, free of the negative effects of air pollution, chemicals, noise, and extreme heat.

Peter James, a research associate in the Harvard Chan School Department of Epidemiology, states the following:

We were surprised to observe such strong associations between increased exposure to greenness and lower mortality rates. We were even more surprised to find evidence that a large proportion of the benefit from high levels of vegetation seems to be connected with improved mental health.”

In addition to all the benefits from the green environment, these women are more physically active as they spent more time outdoors and interact with nature. This way of life offers them tranquility and for sure better mental health.

Therefore, many experts recommend going outside and enjoying nature at its full extent.

Here it is what Elizabeth Pegg Frates, MD, advises:

Get outside and breathe the clean air, walk around the neighborhood, find some friends to walk with you, and enjoy the great, green outdoors. If you do not live in an area with a lot of greenery around you, consider planting some trees, plants, or shrubs.

If you live in a highly urban area, you can get involved with a local policy to work to encourage your community to increase green spaces. Spend time with friends who live in areas with lots of trees and greenery, consciously seek out green areas as often as you can, and consider vacationing in areas with lots of vegetation.”

Make time for going outside in nature as not only that you will experience great connection with nature, it will also soothe your body and mind allowing you to live longer with better physical and mental health.