Newly Invented Shoes with GPS to Track Elderly Family Members with Alzheimer’s and Prevent Them from Getting Lost!

Alzheimer’s is an irreversible disease and when a member of the family has it, it is one of the most devastating things that can happen to the whole family. It is manifested with cognitive decline and the first symptom of this senile dementia is disorientation.

It mostly affects the older generation that loses the skill of time or spatial orientation. People with this disease can even feel lost in their own house and that can force them to walk away in an unknown direction. They start to feel uncomfortable wherever they are and entering into a state of persistent anxiety. In this state of disorder and confusion they leave their home without even realizing it.

Each family that has a family member with this disease has already experienced such situation. Having in mind the mental state of their family member finding him or her is very difficult causing so many worries to the affected family.

This disease is spread all over the world and every nation experiences a problem like this, and because of that scientists from Japan were trying to find a solution. The engineers of a Japanese company were involved in solving this issue and they have managed to create a GPS device that can be added to the shoes of the elderly person. Therefore, when a patient with Alzheimer’s wants to leave the home he or she would simply wear his shoes with GPS device and the nearby family will know exactly where he or she is. These people do not wear smart watches or use smartphones, but before leaving the home they will for sure wear their shoes. So, this is the perfect solution.

Japanese have always come with some invention, but in this case the families that need to deal with a close person with Alzheimer’s would be most grateful. At least all the worries regarding the whereabouts of their loved ones will be gone.

Wish Hills Company has produced a GPS device that will help family members to track their loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s or senile dementia. It functions by sending a notification to a smartphone to the close relative of the person who has the GPS device. It offers a map where the designated person is so that the location is accurate and the relative can see it on his computer or smartphone.

When the patient with Alzheimer’s moves away 165ft (50 m), 328 ft (100m), or 1640 ft (500 m) outside of his home, the GPS device will immediately send the notification.

The GPS shoes are at the moment sold only in Japan with a price of about $300 per pair of shoes. In Japan about 25% of the population is over 65 years old so the benefits are great of the invention of these shoes. However, the whole world can also enjoy the benefits of the use of such GPS shoes.

WHO – The World Health Organization reported that about 47.5 million people in the world suffer from senile dementia, and every year the count gets higher by 7.7 million people. Therefore, the invention of GPS shoes will be of great value for many countries around the world.