No More Drastic Diets! Add This in Your Water and You Will Lose Pounds from Day to Day…

If you have tried many diets and none of them proved to be conclusive, it is possible that this is because of the presence of toxins. Indeed, the toxins contained in the body promote the production of fat to wrap around the organs to protect them from various aggressions. However, so-called visceral fat is dangerous to health because it increases the chances of suffering from illness such as hypertension, cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular disease. In this article you will discover a detox recipe that will eliminate toxins while promoting weight loss.

It is true that losing weight is really not easy; you must arm yourself with patience as well as good will. However, before trying all possible diets it will be important to eliminate the toxins contained in your body. On a daily basis you get some exercise which will stimulate your metabolism while evacuating toxins, and also consume a lot of water which will purify your body.

Have you heard of detox water?

The detox water eliminates toxins as well as fights free radicals. In reality it is a water made from aromatic herbs or fruits. It is important to let them infuse so that the ingredients can release vitamins as well as antioxidants. You can drink detox water daily and throughout the whole day.

The benefits of detox water

The detox water promotes elimination of toxins, as well as gives you energy throughout the day, maintains your body hydrated, speeds up your metabolism and thus contributes to weight loss, elimination of toxins that clutter your body, improves your mood or even reduces muscle fatigue.

The recipe for detox water

Preparation is very easy. Please first get some organic fruits, and if you can’t find any it will be important to wash them thoroughly to remove traces of pesticides.

Here are the ingredients you need:

2 cups of mineral or filtered water

5 strawberries

5 cherries

1 small fresh ginger

Start by pitting the cherries and cutting them into pieces together with the strawberries. Place these two elements at the bottom of a pitcher and add pieces of ginger over it. You will only need to fill the pitcher with mineral water. Allow the mixture to infuse overnight before consuming it.

This detox water will promote digestion, eliminate the phenomenon of water retention, accelerate the elimination of toxins as well as fats.