Nobody Tells Us the Truth!!! These 9 Things That We Use Daily Are the Main Causes of Cancer…

Cancer affects many people and unfortunately this is fatal to many of them. No one is immune to this disease and yet it is important to remember that it is also connected to our diet. It is true that unhealthy diet, alcohol consumption, smoking and pollution encourage the emergence of this terrible disease.

However, there are causes for the occurrence of cancer cells that we do not know and in the rest of this article we propose to discover the 9 things that we use on a daily basis and that greatly favor the appearance of cancer.

1. Products containing preservatives and artificial colors

Many products that we consume on a daily basis are made with preservatives as well as artificial colorings, however, this promotes the development of cancer cells. It would be better to favor foods that are naturally colored such as beans, nuts or fruits.

2. Beauty products

You’ve probably heard about it. It is true that most beauty products prove to be dangerous to our skin since the chemicals they contain could easily penetrate in our bloodstream and thus be one of the causes of the onset of cancer.

3. Deodorants

We can find many toxic substances in deodorants such as the presence of aluminum. The fact that this substance is in direct contact with the armpits could cause the onset of breast cancer.

4. X-rays

If this is sometimes necessary to control our state of health it also turns out to be dangerous for our body. In fact, X-ray exposure could cause cancer.

5. Milk and meat

In the milk and meat we can find the presence of hormones that prove to be absolutely dangerous for our health. Indeed, cow’s milk as well as meat would accelerate the development of certain autoimmune diseases. Cancer can also be one of the major diseases of excessive consumption of milk and beef.

6. Soybeans as well as foods which are genetically modified

Genetically modified products cause the appearance of clots in the blood due to the agglutination of the red blood cells. Therefore it is ideal to consume organic products or to favor natural dairy products such as almond milk or coconut milk.

7. Vaccines and medicines

Vaccines are not unanimous and indeed some contain heavy metals that could leave room for the appearance of some serious diseases. Taking certain medications such as antidepressants may also help develop certain diseases.

8. Artificial sweeteners

The best known artificial sweetener remains aspartame and it turns out to be very dangerous for our health. Besides, we can find it in many products like for example in chewing gum. Excessive intake of artificial sweeteners could lead to the development of memory disorders and the onset of cancer.

9. Water containing fluoride

Fluoridated water should not be consumed by humans. Indeed, this could inhibit the presence of the minerals that we have in our body and consequently cause a weakening of the immune system. This could additionally cause the onset of a thyroid disorder.