Norway Became World’s First Country to Ban Deforestation

We all have the image of our planet with blue oceans and large green areas. But, unfortunately due to the latest huge exploitation that image has dramatically changed.

The Earth is not as green as we remember it as the deforestation reached its peak and changed the appearance of our planet.

Forests are the lungs of our planet as the trees produce oxygen by removing carbon dioxide from the air. The green forests cover around 31% of the land on Earth where plenty of animals and various species live. However, due to its deforestation these species and all the wildlife in the forests are being brought to extinction. There is also the climate change that can as well as disrupt livelihoods.

As per the findings of the World Wildlife Fund, 125 billion people rely on forests for food, fresh water, clothing, medicine, and shelter. Furthermore, the destruction of forests impedes the water cycle of the region, leading to fast erosion and as well as changes in precipitation, river flow, and flooding.

Yet, the deforestation still continues in favor of the industry and almost 30,000 square miles (18.7 million acres) of forests are being lost on yearly basis. This should not be neglected as it can lead to massive destruction of the forests and ultimately the Earth, hence we should do something to prevent this from happening. One of the countries that started this initiative is Norway that passed a national law in 2016 to stop deforestation by banning it. This was the first country that initiated such law and soon after others followed it, but unfortunately not all of the countries in the world did.

The idea came from the Norwegian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Energy and Environment as part of the country’s Action Plan on Nature Diversity. In addition to this law, it was clearly stated that the government will not support any company that contributes to deforestation.

This European country has set a goal to lower the massive deforestation and thus managed to expand its forests to a vast degree in the last decade. The deforestation still exists, but to a minor degree, only around 58 square kilometers annually, however Norway does its best to increase the forest area or at least to keep it constant.

Norway does not do all it can for its own country but as well as helps with donations to other countries to protect their forests and the valuable rainforest. Namely, in the period of 2011 to 2015, Norway donated $250 million to protect the forests of Guyana that were endangered as a result of the excessive logging industry. In 2008, Norway again donated $1 billion to Brazil to fight off the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest which resulted in 75% reduction in deforestation by 2015.

This commitment that the Norway government shows gives us hope that it will be followed by other countries as well and that will help in forests flourish in the future. Every effort counts when our planet is concerned even the one of a person. We can all take action and engage in the fight against deforestation and thus provide the future generations with green forests.

Tips to Fight Deforestation

  • Make certain to buy forest-derived products made from 100% post-consumer content materials.
  • If you need to buy products made from virgin forest fiber, make an effort to choose the ones that have a seal from a credible forestry certification system.
  • Try to buy products from companies that are committed to decreasing deforestation via forest-friendly policies.
  • Educate your friends, family, and community regarding the negative effects of deforestations and how our daily actions will influence the forests around the world.
  • Regarding the food choices, try to consume a diet that has been based on plants. Avoid or reduce the intake of animal products such as meat and dairy and thus help in saving forests.